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33rd Annual Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISA)

Karnataka State Branch


12th August 2017, E Poster Hall
Time Station EP No Name of Presenter Institution E Poster Topic
9.00AM 1 1 Kavyashree M MVJ MC&RH Anesthetic Implications for the Patient With Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
9.00AM 1 2 Yogesh Yadav MVJ MC&RH Anaesthetic management of a patient with choriocarcinoma with severe anaemia and uncontrolled hyperthyrodism for emergency total abdominal hysterectomy
9.00AM 1 3 Shobha Gangadharrao Potdar MVJ MC&RH Anaesthetic implications of post burn contracture neck
9.00AM 1 4 Bhanushree H MVJ MC&RH Dromedary Diaphragmatic Hump: A rare entity
9.00AM 1 5 Bhavya B KVG, Sullia Osteogenesis Imperfecta ! Is there a perfect plan?
9.00AM 1 6 Mohammad Shakeeb Yusufi Attar NMCHRC, Raichur An airway management in an adult with huge parotid swelling for excision
9.00AM 1 8 RANJINI. B. N KVG, Sullia Video laryngoscope for Ludwig's angina : Can it be the first choice in the difficult airway cart?
9.00AM 1 9 Vijay Kumar KBNIMS, Kalaburagi Awake intubation with upper airway blocks in a case of cervical spine injury
9.00AM 1 10 Sujith.P.J KVG, Sullia Laminectomy for spinal canal stenosis under sole epidural anaesthesia
9.00AM 1 11 Supriya D Pawar MVJ MC&RH Anaesthetic implications for the patient with Xeroderma Pigmentosa
9.00AM 1 12 Sateesh G C MRMC, Kalaburagi Anaesthetic management of a neonate with cervical meningomyelocele and tetralogy of fallot posted for excision and repair
9.00AM 1 13 Pavithra Y.B JJMC, Davanagere Anaesthetic management of large multinodular goitre difficult airway
9.00AM 1 14 Shashikala. R NMCHRC, Raichur Dyed blue yet not dead: Methylene blue toxicity-managed conservatively
9.00AM 2 15 Sneha C Sheelvanth DR.DYP MC Anaesthetic management of morbidly obese patient for trans-sphenoidal resection of pituitary adenoma
9.00AM 2 16 Pavitra Pushpa KVJ MCH, Sullia Nasotracheal Intubation in a case of huge plunging Ranula.
9.00AM 2 17 Partha Pratim Deka YMC, Managaluru Anaesthetic challenges in robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy
9.00AM 2 18 Mohammed Mohsin Ali NMCHRC, Raichur Parturient with kyphoscoliosis and bilateral poliomyelitis posted for emergency caesarean section-an anaesthetic challenge.
9.00AM 2 19 N.Kalyan KMC, Manipal Beware of the Mediastinal mass!
9.00AM 2 20 Sindhu C KSHEMA, Mangalore Anaesthetic management of a patient with large thyroid with retrosternal extension up to arch of aorta with tracheal compression posted for total thyroidectomy
9.00AM 2 21 Vishal FMMC, Mangaluru Combined ultrasound guided femoral and sciatic nerve block for below knee amputation in patient having mitral stenosis with atrial fibrillation
9.00AM 2 22 Namitha C N KSHEMA, Mangalore Anaesthetic management of a patient with Brugada syndrome undergoing retroperitoneal liposarcoma excision
9.00AM 2 23 Shaik Nilofer Ahmed SSIMSRC, Davangere Anaesthetic management of a case of Goltz-Gorlin syndrome
9.00AM 2 24 Netravathi H KVG, Sullia Awake fiberoptic tracheal intubation in parotid abscess
9.00AM 2 25 Elizabeth Wilson KIMS, Hubli Tracheal restenosis with tracheocutaneous and tracheooesophagial fistula: Anaesthetic challenges.
9.00AM 2 26 Bharath Kiran KIMS, Hubli Death after modified radical mastectomy: an enigma?
9.00AM 3 27 Sony Mathew FMMC, Mangaluru Fiberoptic intubation in a case of Friable oropharygeal mass
9.00AM 3 28 Nishant Agrawal SSIMSRC, Davangere Blood transfusion challenge to Anaesthesiologist a case of Bombay blood group
9.00AM 3 29 Akula durga Prasad Yadav NMCHRC, Raichur Anaesthetic management of patient posted for hydrocele with atrial fibrillation
9.00AM 3 30 Dilipkumar S AJIMS, Mangaluru A rare case of limb girdle muscular dystrophy anaesthetic management
9.00AM 3 31 Vijetha N MTH, Kochi Sevoflurane allergy: truth or a myth? A rare case report of multiple drug allergy.
9.00AM 3 32 Ramyashree R.M YMC, Managaluru Ketamine: Resurgence in neuropathic pain management
9.00AM 3 33 Navyasri JNMC, Belagavi Perioperative management of systemic lupus erythematous with hypothyroidism patient posted for medical termination of pregnancy
9.00AM 3 34 Salman Mohamed Kutty C NH, Bengaluru Safe and successful management of difficult airway in a child with Keyhole mouth opening
9.00AM 3 35 Ajay Basarigidad YMC, Managaluru Foot Drop -A rare complication of sub arachnoid block:Case Report
9.00AM 3 37 Pratishruti KIMS, Hubli Emergency airway management of penetrating injury of neck
9.00AM 3 38 Sushma Reddy JNMC, Belagavi Perioperative management of puberty menorrhagia in a 14year old girl with Glanzmanns Thrombasthenia for Mirena insertion
9.00AM 4 39 Tatikonda Chandra Mouli MSR MC, Bengaluru Bridging to transplant time with ventricular assist devices.
9.00AM 4 40 Poojitha Karempudi YMC,Managaluru Tracheostomy in a failed fibre optic intubation
9.00AM 4 41 Manjushree P Babladi MRMC, Kalaburagi Airway management by blind nasal intubation in temporomandibular joint ankylosis
9.00AM 4 42 Sphoorthy T M BLDEU, Vijayapura Management of atonic postpartum haemorrhage with haemorrhagic shock and impending cardiac arrest for emergency peripartum hysterectomy.
9.00AM 4 44 Hashim Qadri DY Patil MC, Pune Anaesthesia management for removal of foreign body in larynx of 2-year-old child
9.00AM 4 45 Vinod Gasti KIMS, Hubli Brainstem anaesthesia following intranasal packing with Lignocaine and Adrenaline.
9.00AM 4 46 Upakara Selvin Rajan AIMS, BG Nagara Anaesthetic management of a patient with ischaemic heart disease posted for fixation of fracture neck of femur
9.00AM 4 47 Anantha Rao. Annamreddy AIMS, BG Nagara Anaesthetic management of a child posted for excision of cervical meningomyelocele
9.00AM 4 48 Aluri Upendra YMC, Managaluru Anaesthetic challenges in removal of Maggots in Hypopharynx in an adult: A case report
9.00AM 4 49 Akhil Shekar JJMC, Davanagere Anaesthetic and ICU management of a case of HELLP syndrome
9.00AM 4 50 Kezia Susan Babu SDM, Dharawad Anaesthetic management of severe aortic stenosis for caesarean section
9.00AM 4 51 Sindhu M JNMC, Belagavi Anaesthetic management of pregnant patient with coarctation of aorta for LSCS
02:00PM 1 52 Sasmit Dipak Lotliker BMCRI, Bengaluru Anaesthetic Management of Achondroplastic dwarf posted for emergency caesarean section.
02:00PM 1 7 Mohammad Shakeeb Yusufi Attar NMCHRC, Raichur Intra-operative anaphylactic reaction in a patient posted for emergency cesarean section
02:00PM 1 36 Ajay Basatigidad YMC, Managaluru A missed traumatic haemopneumothorax under general anaesthesia case report
02:00PM 1 43 Sphoorthy T M BLDEU, Vijayapura Parturient with severe kyphoscoliosis: An anaesthetic challenge
02:00PM 1 53 Achyutha .J AIMS, BG Nagara Anaesthetic management of a geriatric patient with situs inversus totalis with bilateral varicose vein for left sided Trendlenburg's operation with bilateral superficial ligation of perforators
02:00PM 1 54 Gifty Susan Philip KMIO, Bengaluru Anaesthesia concerns in Robotic Thymectomy a case report
02:00PM 1 55 Amit Sunil Amble KIMS, Hubli Anaesthetic management of pheochromocytoma with patient on antipsychotic medication
02:00PM 1 56 Supriya K MSR MC, Bengaluru Bird face deformity secondary to bilateral Temperomandibular joint ankylosis with obstructive sleep apnoea for hernia repair
02:00PM 1 57 Ankita Hajare KBNIMS, Kalaburagi Anaesthetic management with fiberoptic intubation of 28year old female patient with Ludwig’s angina scheduled for emergency drainage: a case report .
02:00PM 1 58 Rahul S BLDEU, Vijayapura Anaesthetic considerations in a parturient with acute varicella infection posted for caesarean section
02:00PM 1 59 Shobha Yavagal FMMC, Mangaluru Anaesthetic management of pheochromacytoma
02:00PM 1 60 Mohan Babu V MSR MC, Bengaluru Anaesthetic management of intra-operative Atrio ventricular tachyarrhythmia in a post-partum patient posted for laparotomy
02:00PM 1 61 Radha.M MSR MC, Bengaluru A case report of intraoperative refractory pheochromocytoma crisis managemen
02:00PM 2 62 Aditya Kumar P V KSHEMA, Mangalore Airway management using supraglottic airway device during glossopexy surgery for Pierre Robin Sequence
02.00PM 2 63 Apoorva JSS, Mysuru Anaesthetic management of parturient with dengue shock syndrome posted for emergency cesarean section
02.00PM 2 64 Shashidhar G S KMIO, Bengaluru Perioperative concerns in transoral robotic surgeries (TORS). Our initial experience.
02.00PM 2 65 Marutheesh M KIMS, Hubli Post thyroidectomy laryngeal nerve injury and hypocalcemia causing stridor: A challenging case
02.00PM 2 66 Yeshaswini.K RRMC, Bengaluru Anesthetic management of a patient with situs inversus and dextrocardia posted for orofaciomaxillary surgery
02.00PM 2 67 Yamini Badana KIMS, Hubli Spinal anesthesia for abdominal hysterectomy in a patient with kyphoscoliosis with restrictive lung disease
02.00PM 2 68 Darshan P MSR MC, Bengaluru As brittle as marble -challenges encountered in managing the airway of a child posted for sequestrectomy of mandible with underlying osteopetrosis and hydrocephalus
02.00PM 2 69 Ramya Manjunath KIMS, Hubli An encounter with unusual case of Airway Obstruction
02.00PM 2 70 Mallika Ganesh SDU, Kolar A rare case of Ebsteins anamoly scheduled for elective caesarean section
02.00PM 2 71 S Shruthi Shree RRMC, Bengaluru Anaesthetic Management of A Patient with Ebsteins Anamoly Posted For Transurethral Resection Of Prostate.
02.00PM 2 72 Meenu P MSR MC, Bengaluru Anaesthetic management of child with congenital pulmonary airway malformation (CPAM) for thoracotomy
02.00PM 2 73 Shilpy Jaiswal DY Patil MC, Pune Case report of 5year male child with ectopia vesicae and its anaesthetic consideration
02.00PM 2 74 Priyanka N P RRMC,Bengaluru Severe Acute Pancreatitis- An unusual presentation in young female patient: An intensivist's perspective
02.00PM 3 75 P.G.Raghavendra MRMC, Kalaburagi Airway management in congenital spastic torticollis with cervical scoliosis
02.00PM 3 76 Vaishnavi R MSR MC, Bengaluru Anaesthetic management of illizarov limb lengthening in an achondroplastic patient
02.00PM 3 77 Harshitha Tayi YMC, Managaluru Mandibular Nerve Block for oral cavity examination and Upper gastroscopy During Trismus Caused by carcinoma of tongue
02.00PM 3 78 Nikita Wamanrao Jambekar KIMS, Hubli Lumbar laminectomy under spinal anaesthesia: safe and cost effective.
02.00PM 3 79 Priyanka.G KSHEMA, Mangalore Recurrent Fat embolism syndrome in a patient with long bone fracture
02.00PM 3 80 Aiswarya Ashok YMC, Managaluru Suxamethonium Apnea: A rare but challenging case to come across as anaesthetists
02.00PM 3 81 Padmanabha Kaimar KMC, Mangalore Does sleep deprivation in anaesthesiologists hamper intubation
02.00PM 3 82 Hassaan Muhammed JJMC, Davanagere Anaesthetic management of peripartum cardiomyopathy: A case report
02.00PM 3 84 Manchala Ravi Kumar JJMC, Davanagere ICU management of a patient with kyphoscoliosis and acute respiratory failure
02.00PM 3 85 Akash Mehrotra MSR MC, Bengaluru Effect of scorpion bite on subarachnoid blockade
02.00PM 3 86 Pavithra Gowda K V MSR MC, Bengaluru Foresight gives eyesigh amniotic membrane transplantation for Steven Johnson syndrome-anaesthetic management
02.00PM 3 87 Sushma TK KMC, Manipal Should regional or general anaesthesia be used in a case of difficult airway: A decision conundrum?
02.00PM 3 88 Rashif Mohamed Ashraf R M KSHEMA, Mangalore Acute manifestation of pseudoaneurysm in post-operative period
02.00PM 4 89 Praveen S MSR MC, Bengaluru Anaesthetic management of congenital diaphramatic hernia with patent ductus arteriosus
02.00PM 4 90 Aiswarya Ashok YMC, Managaluru Case report on anaesthetic management of tetralogy of Fallot
02.00PM 4 91 Amal Gopi JSS, Mysuru A Case Report on Adrenal Incidentaloma: Assesment and management
02.00PM 4 92 Syed ShahinTaj MSR MC, Bengaluru Video laryngoscope for Ludwig's angina - Can it be the first choice in the difficult airway cart?
02.00PM 4 93 Abhilash C JJMC, Davanagere Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Repair of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia: A Case Report
02.00PM 4 94 Divya B S MSR MC, Bengaluru Anaesthetic management of parturient with sickle cell disease and uncontrolled hypothyroidism for emergency appendicectomy
02.00PM 4 95 Amod K S RRMC, Bengaluru Noncardiogenic pulmonary edema from massive irrigation fluid absorption during hysteroscopic myomectomy and diagnostic hysterolaproscopy a case report.
02.00PM 4 96 Varsha R SDM, Dharawad Anaesthesia for muscle biopsy in a child with suspected muscular dystrophy.
02.00PM 4 97 Swetha P AIMS, BG Nagara In advertant endobroncheal intubation in obese patient following pneumoperitoneum and Trendelenberg position during laparoscopic surgery under general anaesthesia
02.00PM 4 98 Sandeep Singh Tomar JSS, Mysuru Anaesthetic management for VP shunt insertion in an infant with Dandy-Walker Syndrome
02.00PM 4 99 Vaibhav Nagar JSS, Mysuru Anaesthetic Management of A Case With Dilated Cardiomyopathy With Global Hypokinesia Posted For Emergency Hernioplasty
02.00PM 4 100 Shamana S Shetty SDM, Dharawad Anaesthetic management of caesearean section for a patient with severe idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura with platelet count of 7000/ml.
02.00PM 4 101 Shubha P FMMC, Mangaluru Case report Accidental tracheal injury during oesophagectomy
03.30PM 1 102 Srinidhi T SDM, Dharawad Bilateral pneumothorax, one side immediate and the other side delayed
03.30PM 1 103 Pramod D YMC, Managaluru Robot assisted oesophagectomy: our initial experience with 5 cases
03.30PM 1 104 Jenna JSS, Mysuru Case report of a Werner syndrome patient with lower limb Necrotising Fascitis posted for wound debridement
03.30PM 1 105 Abhishek.J.Narayan YMC, Managaluru Celiac plexus block for challenges in pain management for pancreatic cancer
03.30PM 1 106 Viswa Abhishek N JJMC, Davanagere Intubation granuloma- anaesthetic management of airway
03.30PM 1 107 Ramyashree R.M YMC, Managaluru Gasserian ganglion neurolysis under Propofol anaesthesia: Case report
03.30PM 1 108 Munazza najaf NMCHRC, Raichur Anaesthetic management for Emergency caesarean section in a 19 yr old patient with patent ductus arteriosus
03.30PM 1 109 Hithysh B M JJMC, Davanagere Open cholecystectomy under thoracic epidural block in a patient with 30 weeks of gestation
03.30PM 1 110 Pavithra Y B JJMC, Davanagere Anaesthetic challenges in management of pulmonary hydatid cyst-perioperative anaphylactic shock
03.30PM 1 111 Arjun Haridas JSS, Mysuru Anaesthetic management of a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta for rush nailing in femur
03.30PM 1 112 Sneha Teli JJMC, Davanagere A rare case of nitrobenzene poisoning: A case report
03.30PM 1 113 Anand Mathew Mammen JSS, Mysuru Anesthetic Management of a child with foreign body trachea posted for rigid bronchoscopy developing post procedure laryngospasm.
03.30PM 1 114 MANUJA H S SNMC, Bagalkot Early and effective use of ketamine for the treatment of refractory phantom limb pain.
03.30PM 3 83 Hassaan Muhammed JJMC, Davanagere Management of Post extubation stridor following Total thyroidectomy due to bilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve paresis - a case report
03.30PM 3 115 Pooja JSS, Mysuru Anaesthetic management of a case with severe aortic stenosis posted for ureteroscopy – a case report.
03.30PM 3 116 Varsha K S ESIC SSH, Hyderabad Rescue measure in intracranial meningioma resection by tranexamic acid
03.30PM 3 117 Shwetha C JJMC, Davanagere Trans-hiatal oesophagectomy-an anaesthetic challenge
03.30PM 3 118 Mukti Rani JSS, Mysuru Development of Transient Hypertension- a rare complication in a previously normotensive patient posted for upper limb surgery following US guided brachial plexus block.
03.30PM 3 119 Venkatesh kode YMC, Managaluru Ectopia lentis in a child with Marfans syndrome anaesthetic challenges, a case report
03.30PM 3 120 Pavithran Natarajan JSS, Mysuru A case of limb girdle muscular dystrophy posted for right intertrochanteric femur fracture nailing: A case report
03.30PM 3 121 Ramya K BLDEU, Vijayapura Postoperative dysphonia following endotracheal intubation - a case report
03.30PM 3 122 Deepa Shetty SDM, Dharawad Anaesthetic management of Arnold Chiari malformation posted for foramen magnum decompression
03.30PM 3 123 Ravishankar.B M VIMS, BALLARI A case of intra operative fatal pulmonary thromboembolism in a patient undergoing hemiartroplasty under subarachnoid block
03.30PM 3 124 Kamaruddeen Korollathil KSHEMA, Mangalore Can cardiomyopathy be reversed completely
03.30PM 3 125 Anita Sannakki BLDEU, Vijayapura Anesthetic management of right adrenal myelolipoma posted for right adrenalectomy-a rare case report
03.30PM 3 126 T. Shyam SRMC, Chennai. Airway management of a 6-month baby with bilateral Tessier type 4 deformity operated for combined cleft lip and palate repair a case report
03.30PM 3 127 Naveen Ramji SRMC, Chennai. Tetanus in the era of vaccination: A case report